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Our production specialties

Standard cutting tools and niche products

For uncompromising precision

Fresas and tools coated with zirconium

Superior and long-lasting performance

External turning tools with internal lubrication

Precise and reliable solutions for the industry

Standard tools for external turning

Enhance the accuracy and efficiency of industrial operations

Over the years, as the market evolved and the company’s skills matured, production has focused exclusively on mechanical fastening tools, developing a wide range both horizontally and vertically. We offer the market both standard products, which constitute the majority of the NOMA catalog, and innovative, unique products that fit into niche sectors, thus complementing our overall product offering.

The current product range includes:

Cutters and standard products
Zirconium-coated drills and tools
Instruments for external turning with internal lubrication
The standard tools for external turning
Our productions include:

Milling cutters

The standard tools for external turning


Adjustable tool from 10° to 180° for chamfers and radii



Modular Program for Mold Milling


Concave and Convex Radius Cutters

Shoulder milling cutters

Anti-vibration extensions made of heavy tungsten alloy


Inner springs

Tools for sawing and channels

Surface planing cutters

Boring tools

Boring bars

Zirconium-treated drills and tools

Big Tools - Bareni


Chamfer bits, V-grooves, and centering

Power Tools

Multipurpose tools for mechanical operations on machining centers

Mono Drills - Tips with inserts

Universal Drill

Patented universal tip, same insert for all diameters

Product Set

For some products, product SETS are available

Some distinctive features of our product range
Universal Drill Patented

UNIVERSAL DRILL employs the same insert for all diameters within the range, which beyond ø25 utilizes the addition of a third cutting edge and three chip evacuation outlets.

This system divides the cutting effort into three concentric circular crowns and breaks the chip into three sections, promoting tool penetration and chip evacuation, achieving superior performance. The specific arrangement of the inserts allows for multiple functions:

– Flat-bottom drilling at 90°;
– Drilling on inclined planes;
– Drilling on uneven surfaces;
– Facing at 90°;
– Hole enlargement, counterboring;
– Internal turning.

The construction is designed for the use of standard inserts available on the market in all grades, thus, UNIVERSAL DRILL is adaptable to all types of materials to be worked and greatly reduces usage and management costs.

External Turning Tool Holder Cayman

With our CAYMAN tools, the coolant (liquid or air) is precisely forced into the cutting zone.

  • The constant and precise forced coolant jet undergoes no deviation caused by chips or vibrations;
  • It lifts and removes the chip from the contact surface between the workpiece and the cutting edge;
  • It removes heat exactly in the cutting zone;
  • It maintains a constant temperature that develops right in that area.

This feature allows for greater chip control and reduces the risk of thermal shock on the inserts, increasing cutting tool lifespan by over 25%.

The CAYMAN system offers the convenience of placing the tool in the machine and ensuring that the coolant is always directed to the exact point, maintaining the position consistently in any circumstance. It ensures a constant and precise flow during operations, especially those carried out automatically without supervision.

With these features, we can assert that CAYMAN tools reduce costs, increase productivity, and can replace any standard turning tool. These tools can be adopted on all turning machines available on the market. They are entirely made in a single block, including the inlet hole, and come complete with tubing and 1/8″ fittings necessary for the most common machine connections. Additionally, they are surface-treated with Zirconium (our Zirko ultra tools system) to increase wear resistance.

The quality of the future with Zirko Ultra tools

Our Zirconium-based surface coating significantly enhances the mechanical characteristics of our tools and provides them with greater durability compared to similar items already on the market. This type of treatment is fully compatible with the environment and the human body. It poses no disposal issues and does not trigger allergies (unlike Nickel or other substances that often cause allergic or toxic reactions).

  • High hardness | 2300 HV for a thickness of 1.5 microns
  • High slickness | Friction coefficient = 0.2
  • High heat resistance | 800 °C
  • High corrosion resistance | up to 48 hours in a 5% NaCl solution at pH 6.7-7.2


  • Absence of toxicity in the product
  • Absence of protective oil on the product
  • Absence of polluting emissions during the treatment process
  • Compatibility with the environment and the human organism
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